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Advantages of enterprises introducing non-standard automation equipment
Advantages of enterprises introducing non-standard automation equipment Oct 09, 2023

1. Reduce labor intensity

With the adoption of automation technology, machines can complete most of the cumbersome, hard, annoying and even harmful work, thereby reducing workers' labor intensity.

2. Improve economic efficiency

The use of automation technology can reduce the production area, reduce the number of direct production workers, and free workers from routine manual labor to engage in more creative work. Due to the improvement of labor productivity, the output of the system increases, and the change in the ratio of input and output shows that economic benefits can be effectively improved.

3. Improve product quality

In the automated manufacturing system, due to the use of various high-precision guidance, positioning, feeding, adjustment, detection, vision systems or components, the high precision of product assembly and production is ensured, while the product quality is highly repeatable and consistent. Significantly reduce the defective rate, thus greatly improving product quality.

4. Save production costs

Automated production replaces manual labor and can produce more high-quality products for enterprises within a specified time. At the same time, the machine can run continuously, thus significantly reducing manufacturing costs under mass production conditions.

5. Improve productivity

The use of automation technology can greatly shorten the auxiliary time in the product manufacturing process, improve productivity, shorten the manufacturing cycle, allow companies to deliver products quickly, reduce raw material losses, and improve the company's competitiveness in the market.

6. Conducive to product updates

Modern flexible automated manufacturing technology makes it easier to change manufacturing objects, has a wider range of adaptability, and is very conducive to product updates, so it is especially suitable for multi-variety, small-batch production methods.


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